South Carolina State Museum Curators

Michelle Baker
Chief Registrar
(803) 898-4954
Manages artifacts and specimens that the museum owns or has on loan. Contact if information is needed regarding  previous loans/donations to the museum; artifacts on exhibit; requests for conservation; general questions about storing artifacts; donation of objections, if curators are not here.

Dave Cicimurri
Curator of Natural History
(803) 898-4946
Maintains the natural history collection, which consists primarily of fossils but also includes Recent mammals, insects, mollusks, and reptiles/amphibians.  Expands the collection through mission-based research and donations.  Contact if you have questions about SC geology and paleontology, or for requests for specimen identifications.

Tom Falvey
Curator of Science & Technology & Director of Education & Collections
(803) 898-4944
Responsible for science and technology as well as Windows to New Worlds-related assignments.
JoAnn Zeise
Curator of History
(803) 898-4942
Develops history exhibitions, conducts research, and maintains and cares for the comprehensive collection of cultural history artifacts in the museum. Also works on programs for the public as well as answering inquiries about historic objects.  
Paul Matheny
Chief Curator of Art
(803) 898-4941
Responsible for review of all works of art including fine, folk and other such objects created in South Carolina or made by a native South Carolinian. This includes paintings, prints, photographs, drawings, pottery, quilts, baskets, furniture, sculpture and anything else that is hand-made.

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