August 2013-May 2014 Educational Programs

Tuesday and Thursday- 9:30am, 10:30am, 12:00pm (45 minutes long):

Natural History Programs
(max. of 30 people)
Sticks & Stones K5-2
Environmentally Speaking K5-7
Beneath Your Feet 1,3,5
Diverse World of Animals 3,5,6
Umbrellas and Snowshoes K5,2,4

Cultural History Programs
(max. of 30 people)
Readin’ Ritin’ & Responsibility  1,2,3
Native Americans: 1st SC 2-4, 6-8
SC Symbols 3
Colonial Life 3-8
American Revolution in SC 3, 4, 8
Antebellum SC 3, 4, 8
Palmetto State at War 3, 4, 8
Science & Technology Programs 
(max. of 80 people)
Household Chemistry 3,5,7
Take Charge Electricity 3,4,5,6
Lights & Lasers 4,8
The Solar System K4-1,4,6,8
Gallery Tours
(max. of 60 people)
Art History Tour K5-12
Cultural History Tour K5-12
Natural History Tour K5-12
Science & Technology Tour K5-12
Docent Led Tour
(max. of 150 people)
Introductory Tour K5-12

Tuesday and Thursday (After 12pm) or Wednesday and Friday (All Day)

Self- Guided
(max. of 150 people)

Introduction to the State Museum (ISO)

 ISO Questions   ISO Answers




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