Abstract Art in South Carolina: 1949-2012
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Paul Yanko (b. 1968)
Slide Pane Fold, 2009-2010
acrylic on canvas
courtesy of the artist

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Abstract Art in South Carolina: 1949-2012 looks at the evolution and influences of abstract painting and sculpture in South Carolina.

The exhibit includes work by pioneering artists such as William Halsey, Corrie McCallum, J. Bardin, Carl Blair and Merton Simpson, and contemporary artists currently working in communities across South Carolina today, such as James Busby, Shaun Cassidy, Enid Williams, Paul Yanko, Katie Walker and Tom Stanley, among many others.  In all, work by more than 40 artists are included in the exhibition, which focuses on one of the most important aspects of South Carolina’s visual culture.
“Many influences worked together to bring South Carolina art to the point it is today,” said Art Curator Paul Matheny. “This exhibition reflects the journeys made by these individuals, the art they created, and their influences along the way.
“The exhibit includes many large scale works of art on canvas, as well as mixed media work that pushed the boundaries, and our perceptions, of how abstract art is perceived,” said the curator. “Museum guests will be surprised and inspired by the work of these important artists.”

The art includes paint media from acrylic and oil on canvas, wood panel and paper to three-dimensional works made of cast aluminum, other metal and stone.

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Abstract Art in South Carolina: 1949-2012 can be seen in the museum's Lipscomb Gallery through Sept. 30, 2012.