Between the Springmaid Sheets


The daring and controversial ad campaigns that rescued a struggling textile business and made Springs Cotton Mills one of the giants of the industry is examined in the NEW exhibit, Between the Springmaid Sheets. This exhibit was curated by Winthrop University and tells the story of Springs Mills, a struggling enterprise in 1931 when dashing World War I flying ace Col. Elliott Springs inherited his father’s business. The brilliant and daring Col. Springs used racy images and innuendo-laced text to catapult his struggling cloth business to prominence following World War II.  
He began commissioning artwork depicting attractive young women as his “Spring Maids.” The ads were considered risqué at the time (and some still are), but the controversy only promoted the product even more, and the legendary marketing savant restored Springs Mills to prosperity by the 1950s. While the advertising industry initially called Springs’s ads “degrading,” today his potpourri of risqué images, puns and double entendres are studied at major universities around the world.
See some of these vintage Springmaid ads in this blog post.

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