All fees include the use of the room, podium microphone in the Vista Room and auditorium, set-up and clean-up. There is an extra charge for the use of audio-visual equipment.
Facility Event Fees
Palmetto Gallery

reception – 250 ppl

theater – 220 ppl

seated – 200 ppl
Half-day  - $400

Full day  - $600

Wedding/Evening - $1,300

*evening rental includes Charleston Courtyard
Charleston Courtyard

reception – 70

theater – n/a

seated – 50
Daytime – $50 (vendor setup fee only)

Wedding/Evening - $600 (Courtyard only)

*included with evening Palmetto Gallery rental at no additional charge

reception – 600

theater – n/a

seated - 200
Daytime – n/a
Wedding/Evening (up to 3 hours):
$1,800 (up to 300 guests)

$2,500 (up to 800 guests)

*evening rental includes the Congaree Room
Congaree Room

reception – 600 ppl

theater – 300 ppl

seated – 330 ppl
Half-day - $400

Full day  - $600

*included with evening Atrium rental
Red or Blue Room

theater – 48 ppl

seated – 30 ppl

Daytime (1st hour) - $75

            (addl. hours) - $50/hour

            (up to 8 hours) - $250

Wedding/Evening – n/a

Vista Room

Education Hallway
4-D Theater NEW!
Observatory NEW!
Planetarium NEW!
Planetarium Lobby NEW!
Telescope Gallery NEW!

Reopens Summer 2014

Reopens Summer 2014
Reopens Summer 2014
Opens Summer 2014
Opens Summer 2014
Opens Summer 2014
Opens Summer 2014
Opens Summer 2014
Entry into the museum before 8:30 a.m. will be charged at $50 per hour. 
Daytime wedding receptions will be charged evening rates.
State agencies and non-profit agencies will receive a 20% discount on daytime events.

Rental of galleries for evening events: $150 per floor per hour or $500 for all galleries per hour.
Extra set-up time will be billed at $50 per hour.

Evening events are allowed a minimum of two hours before the event to set up, four hours for the event and one hour for cleanup.
Half-day rentals are allowed up to three hours for event & event setup/cleanup. Full day rentals are allowed up to eight hours.
Extra evening event hours will be billed at $300 per hour.


For more information please call (803) 898-4901 or email: