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Planetarium Experience: We Are Stars

Grades: Recommended for all ages 

SC 2014 Academic Standards for Science: 2.P.4; 4.E.3; 5.P.5; 7.P.2; 8.E.4, H.C.2, H.E.2, H.E.4, H.B.5, H.P.2  

SC College- and Career-Ready Science Standards 2021: 3-LS4; 6-LS1; 8-PS2; 8-ESS1; B-LS4; C-PSI; E-ESS1 

Next Generation Science Standards: 3-LS4, MS-LS1, MS-PS2, MS-ESS1, HS-LS4, HS-PS1, HS-ESS1-1 

Maximum Capacity: 145 seats (additional 6 spaces for wheelchairs) 

Cost: $3 per person per show 

Duration: 30-45 minutes 

Days: Tuesdays – Fridays 

Times: 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m.  

 Accessibility: Assistive listening devices and captioning is available upon request. Please let Group Visits know you may need this accommodation when you fill out the Reservation Request Form.  With advanced notice, we can also provide use of a tablet with transcription software for live shows.    

Go on an epic journey through time and space to explore our explosive origins.  Learn how gravity pulled together the first atoms to ignite the first stars after the Big Bang, how stars forged the elements of the periodic table, and how increasingly complex molecules led to the formation of our solar system and its planets.  Then dive into the ancient waters of Earth to see how those molecules came together to become single-celled organisms, whose metabolic processes shaped their environment.  This set the stage for the development of multi-celled organisms, which evolved into the diverse set of life forms we see around us today.