Astronaut sits wearing a white spacesuit with a red, dusty landscape visible behind them
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Journey to Mars in the Planetarium this Summer


Back by popular demand, MARS 1001 takes viewers away from planet Earth, into space, and across our solar system to our neighboring planet, Mars. Debuting Sat., May 27, this thrilling planetarium experience follows the fictional story of the Mars IRIS 1 mission, a daring 1001-day voyage to fly an international crew to the planet and return them safely to Earth. The crew faces a few dangers along the way, including a solar coronal mass ejection that threatens their safety. And, once on Mars, viewers will see the team work on the planet’s surface, exploring the landscape, looking for water, and retrieving rocks in a search for the history of water.

MARS 1001 is a visually beautiful show that brings the reality of Mars exploration to audiences. It’s set just far enough in the future to seem real and tells a story we all hope to see and hear in our lifetimes: a trip to the Red Planet.